Thursday, June 22, 2006

Of Solstices and Short Hair

Yesterday was essentially my last class at the American Home! Yes, I do officially have two more days of classes (Friday and Monday), but Friday we administer final exams and Monday we have our end of the semester parties... so for all intents and purposes I'm done!! Woohoo! Yesterday after classes, we all arrived at this realization and decided that since we were essentially finished (and since it was the Summer Solstice after all) we should break out some beer, salty beer-cheese and vodka. This may have turned into a rather insane dance party in our office, during which B and I may or may not have demonstrated some scandalous belly-dancing moves to our compatriots. Sorry, I don't have any pics of this to share (we did however make a lot of absurd short videos... but out of respect for all included - myself foremost - I'm not posting any of them!) I did however go home and play around with making self-portraits of me and my new hair. I will share them with you. I can't believe I'll be home in a week. Weird.

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Roy said...

Hi Jane,

You look fabulous.....But I Like you better with long hair :-))

don said...

Beautiful. I love the new cut. A very nice look for summer. I think it's great! And it has to feel good? Lovely dress also.

Anonymous said...

I love beer cheese